Adventure Sports in Tehri

You might be familiar with this term, and if not let us explain you. Adventure sport consist of those physical activities or sports which are carried out in accordance with nature and gives you a thrill of Adventure, raising the levels of Adrenaline in your body. All these activities are considered safe and have negligible risk considerations. These activities may be carried out in Water, land and even in Air.

Sounds exiting, doesn’t it?

Imagine yourself running from the top of a mountain and jumping down, but instead of falling to death you are suddenly airborne free in the air just like the birds, if this sounds fun thing to do rather than scary then adventure sports is the thing for you. Earlier in the name of Adventure sports the people of our country had limited options and traveled to other places to quench their thirst of adventure, but now it is all going to change.

With the rise of adventure sports in India, the Government of Uttarakhand is planning to change the famous Tehri Lake into a major Adventure tourism destination. YES..!! A MAJOR ADVENTURE TOURISM DESTINATION IN INDIA, first of its own kind this destination will be dedicated to adventure related activities.Let us take a note of the various activities to be offered at the Tehri Lake. Adventure Sports in Tehri will be consisting of mainly all sports like water sports, air sports and land sports.

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