Aerial Sports in Tehri

With Water sports you will be able to take part in Aerial adventure also. According to the government Aerial sports will constitute a major chunk of the activities planned at Tehri Lake. The following adventure activities will be available once the project gets finished.


Considered as one of the most extreme kinds of adventure sports, in Para Gliding you run from the top of a hill till the air lifts you up with the parachute attached to you. Paragliding is popular in many parts of Uttarakhand. Essentially a professional paraglider will also fly with you.

Para Jumping

Para jumping is similar to paragliding, but the major difference is that instead of a hilltop, in Para Jumping you will jump from a small aircraft which will first carry you to a specific altitude. Para Jumping is also done with the help of professionals.

Hot Air Balloon

There are only a few places in India where you can go for Hot air Balloon ride; Tehri Lake is going to be one of them. Imagine yourself looking at the mountains and lake from the sky and the people below, it sure will be a surreal experience.

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