Places to Visit Near New Tehri

There are number of tourist destinations nearby New Tehri Town in Uttarakhand. There are number of hill stations near New Tehri where you can enjoy and extend your holidays in Uttarakhand.


Located at an altitude of 1675kms above the sea level, Chamba is one of the most beautiful and quaint places in Himalayas. At a distance of 18kms from New Tehri, Chamba’s scenic beauty and pleasant environment has attracted people who wishes to wash off their city blues amidst the secluded places in Himalayas, but away from the crowd and chaos that comes with the visit to traditional hill stations. Known for its apple and apricot orchards, Chamba is surrounded by thick rhododendrons forests. While at Chamba you can also camp at Ranichauri which is added as a new attraction.


Mussoorie also known as the’ Queen of hills’ is one of the nearest excursion from new Tehri. Situated at a height of 2000mts above the sea level Mussoorie is one of the most popular hill stations of north India. Due to its easy accessibility Mussoorie is considered as a weekend getaway for people from adjoining states. Mussoorie is at a distance of 71kms from New Tehri and can be reached via Chamba. Most of the people visiting Mussoorie take the Dehradun route as it is easily accessible and much convenient. Mussoorie is one of the most romantic getaways and has been popular among couples.Mussoorei is known for its Colonial charm as most of the establishments were done by the British. At Mussoorie you can visit Kempty Falls, Naag Tibba, Landour and the mall. Many people throng Mussoorie during winters as Mussoorie is the second place in world that offers the view of Winterline only next to Switzerland.


Dhanaulti is a peaceful little hill Station located on the Mussoorie – Chamba road. Dhanaulti is 44kms from New Tehri. Popular for its scenic beauty and thick jungles with trees of rhododendrons Dhanaulti is popular among nature lovers. Dhanaulti is popular for its nature parks, there are two of them namely Amber” and “Dhara” with a minimal entry fee for 20rs for adults and 10rs for children. Visitors can also indulge in little adventure sports in form of Flying Fox and Burma Bridges. You can also plant a sapling of tree in memory of your beloved ones.


Located at a distance if 35kms. from New Tehri, Kanatal is a little hamlet tucked away in the vast range of Himalayas. Kanatal derived its name from a lake Kanatal which has now dried up. At an altitude of 2590mts above the sea level, relatively unknown to the outside world this little place deserves a place among the numerous other hill stations in Uttarakhand. Just 8kms from Kanatal, Surkanda Devi temple is an ancient and very sacred temple dedicated to Maa Sati. From the top one can have a 360° view of the Himalayas.


Devprayag or Deoprayag is the confluence of two of heavenly rivers, Bhagirathi and Alaknanda which meet to form the Holy Ganga. It can be said that the Ganga derives its vastness from the confluence of these two mighty rivers. On the upper part of the village is the Raghunath ji temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva this temple witness a huge turnaround during Maha Shivratri and devotees pour the water of Holy Ganga on the Shivlinga. An observatory Nakshatra Vedh Shala is located on a mountain called Dashrathanchal at Devprayag. The observatory is well-equipped with two telescopes and many books to support research in astronomy. The site of two rivers different from each other the muddy Bhagirathi and the blue Alaknanda is absolutely mesmerizing.


Srinagar is the largest city in the hills of Gadhwal and is an educational hub for the people of Gadhwal. Located at a distance of 84kms from New Tehri, Srinagar has been in news due to the Multipurpose Hydroelectric project being created on the Alaknanda River. Srinagar derived its name from Sri Yantra a mythical rock. It is also popular for the temple of Dhari Devi which is revered as the Protecting Deity of Gadhwal Hills and the Char Dhams, earlier the temple was on a hill amidst the Alaknanda River but now it stands on an elevated platform in the middle of the river. Call it a superstition but it is a fact that the day Kedarnath was stormed by the worst Flash Floods in history of mankind; Dhari Devi was shifted hours before to the elevated platform. Apart from the Dhari Devi temple you can visit Kamaleshwra Temple, keshorinath Math and Vishnu Mohini temple.


Uttarkashi literally means Kashi of North; Located at the banks of Bhagirathi River at a distance of 119kms from New Tehri Uttarkashi is home to several Ashrams and temples. People visiting Uttarkashi make it a point to visit Gangotri at a distance of 99kms which is the origin of the Bhagirathi River.One of the most important places in Uttarkashi is the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, which is the prime mountaineering institute in the country. NIM has churned out almost all the people who have conquered major peaks of the world. Bachendri Pal, the first women to climb Mount Everest is an alumnus of this prestigious Institute. One can also take a short term trekking course from the institute. Dodi tal and Dayara Bugyal are popular trekking destinations from Uttarkashi.


Popular worldwide as the Yoga Capital, Rishikesh is one of the most spiritual and holy places in India. Located at the banks of the Holy Ganga, Rishikesh is known also known as a major Adventure spot as white water rafting in Rishikesh is popular all over India. The name Rishikesh literally means the ‘Lord of Senses’ and according to Hindu mythology performing austerities at Rishikesh results in salvation from the continuous cycle of life and death.The popularity of Rishikesh can be judged by the fact that it has been visited by many celebrities and famous people repeatedly stars like the Beatles, most of the foreigners come to Rishikesh to seek spiritual guidance, while for Indians it is a place to be near god. The major attractions at Rishikesh are Ram Jhula, laxman Jhula, Triveni Ghat and Shivpuri where people camp at the bank of Ganga and indulge in Rafting. Apart from this Rishikesh has innumerous temples, some of the famous being Neelkanth Mahadev, Bharat Mata Mandir (the only temple dedicated to India shown as a goddess), Geeta Bhavan, Tera Manjil Mandir, etc.
Rishikesh is located at a distance of 75kms from new Tehri and can be reached via NH94.


Located at a distance of 94kms from New Tehri, Haridwar is one of the holiest places in India. Haridwar literally translated means ‘Gate way to God’, it is the place from where Ganga leaves its ferocious force in the Himalayas and turns into its calmer state providing lifeline to the People of Northern India.nA dip in Ganga at Haridwar is considered to free you from all the past sins and attain salvation. Har ki Paudi meaning the Lords feet is the most important place at Haridwar and is usually filled by devotees every evening the Aarti (prayer) to Ganga is offered at Har ki Paudi which is one of the most beautiful sights with thousands of Diyas (lamps) flickering in the waters of Ganga makes it an enchanting experience. You will find yourself closer to God at Haridwar.


Located at an awe-inspiring height of 2277mts above the sea level, the Chandrabadani temple is a holy site revered by many but visited by few. It is believed that the torso and weapons of Maa Sati felt here while her dead body was being carried by Lord Shiva, one can see several Trishuls (tridents) all over the hill surrounding the temple. It is one of the Shakti peeths and holy shrine of goddess Sati. There is no idol of the Goddess but a Shri Yantra carved of stone is worshiped here. Every year in the month of April a fair is organized at the temple. It is at a distance of 60kms from New Tehri and 30kms above Devprayag, one has to trek for 1kms from the taxi stand to reach the Temple.

Surkanda Devi

Situated at a height of astonishing 2757mts (10000fts) above the sea level, the temple of Surkanda devi is dedicated to Maa sati the consort of Lord Shiva. It is one of the Shakti Peeths in India. As the story of the origin of the temple goes it is said that after the death of Sati the greif striken Lord Shiva carried her body and the head of Maa Sati fell at the spot where the present temple of Surkanda Devi is situated. The temple is at a distance of 1kms from the village of KudduKhal and can be reached by a steep trek on foot. It is at a distance of 35kms from New Tehri and is a popular destination among the tourists visiting Chamba and Dhanaulti.

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