New Tehri Attractions & Sightseeing

New Tehri was built after the building of Tehri Dam due to which the old Tehri submerged under the water. There are number of famous places in New Tehri where tourist can spend their times and explore the culture and history of Tehri.

Tehri Dam

Standing at an altitude of 1750mts above the sea level this marvelous feat of Engineering is the main attraction of New Tehri. This rock and earth filled embankment dam is counted as one of the tallest dam in world and the tallest in India. The Dam generates electricity of 1000megawatts. Tehri Dam provides you with some of the most enchanting visuals of the mountains and the Tehri Lake. You will find yourself dwarfed at the sight of these stupendous creations of both nature and humans.

Koti Colony

Koti Colony is the residential complex of the people associated with Tehri Hydroelectric Project. The Colony provides a splendid view of the Tehri Lake and Dam. The government is planning to set up Koti Colony as the admin point for the Adventure Tourism activity at Tehri Lake.

Pratap Nagar

Set atop a hill visible from Koti Colony, Pratap nagar is the point for the Aerial Adventure tourism as the spot will be developed as a center for Paragliding and Hot Air Balloon facilities. The view of a Full Moon behind the hill top from Tehri Lake is mesmerizing scene which you won’t be able to forget soon.

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